Wednesday, 2nd September 2015

Window vandals left town ‘like a war zone’

A reward to name the people responsible for smashing  three shop windows in Kington town centre on New Year’s Eve, may be established by the town council.

The windows at Jane’s Parlour, De Ja Vu and Cliff Hodges’ menswear, which are believed to cost £1,300, were smashed, and glass and broken bottles were strewn all over the High Street after the incident, which happened in the early hours of the morning, at about 2am to 3am.

Kington Mayor Councillor Bob Widdowson said: “It was like a war zone down there on New Year’s Day.”

At a town council meeting on Monday, members voiced their concerns about the impact that such incidents are having on the traders of the town.

It was only a couple of months ago that hairdressers Hairport and other stores suffered broken windows in the last attack.

One town councillor suggested that the town council should establish a reward, to be given to anyone who passes on information about the culprits behind the damage.

Councillor Widdowson said all the licensees in the town have signed up to the Herefordshire Against Night- time Disorder scheme, but maybe it needed to be toughened up.

He said the damage to Cliff Hodges’ shop looked like someone had put their boot through the bottom of it, or thrown a broken bottle at it.

Police are still investigating the incidents and the town council will be meeting the police to find out what can be done to prevent further incidents.

The matter will also be up for discussion again at February’s meeting of the town council.